WOW-3029 Smart Power Management Trainer

  • It is designed to study flow of energy : Generation/Power transmission & transformation of electric energy/Power consumption.
  • Built in meters to measure voltage, current & power.
  • Serial/Parallel connection of solar cells.
  • Real time monitoring for energy generation.
  • Controlling power consumption for house, factory & building.
  • Possible to monitor using PC GUI & App.


  • Principle of solar photovoltaic system. (Photoelectric effect simulation)
  • Ohm’s law and voltmeter & amperemeter experiment.
  • Measurement bright of light (Illumination)
  • Solar photovoltaic as regarding solar radiation quantity
  • Solar photovoltaic as regarding shadow
  • Solar photovoltaic in series and parallel connection of solar cells
  • Solar photovoltaic as regarding wind speed
  • Understanding Zigbee (Zigbee HAN Network)
  • Real time power management of electrical grid
  • Real time monitoring a fault section in electrical grid
  • Controlling sectional electrical grid for restoring fault section
  • Restoring a power failure by decentralized power
  • Operation of a generation station as regarding consumption power
  • Real time monitoring a graph of generation
  • Real time monitoring a graph of reserve margin
  • Real time remote monitoring and control for power feeding part (PC&App)
  • Demand as regarding power feeding order at peak power
  • Saving energy using ESS
  • Real time monitoring power consumption for power demanding part
  • Real time remote monitoring and control for power demanding part (App)



  • Photovoltaic Module – 1
  • Photovoltaic Module – 2
  • Wind Generator Module
  • Korea Power Exchange Module
  • Distributed Generation Module
  • Energy Storage System Module
  • SEM Server & Smart Home Module
  • Smart IBS Module
  • Smart F/A Module


  • Embedded Monitoring System
  • PC GUI
  • Android App


WOW-3029 Smart Power Management Trainer