Artificial Intelligence Training System ( Model: Artificial Intelligence-GT19 )

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field that focuses on solving cognitive problems, primarily related to human intelligence, as learning, problem solving, and pattern recognition.
  • Artificial Intelligence-GT19 use RaspberryPi and Python to learn the use of Google Assistant voice recognition and
    image processing (visual recognition) by using camera.
  • Through voice recognition, user can do the practice of application system using various devices from sensor and
    actuator control.
  • Through visual recognition, the user realizes object detection and recognition from various images and
    learns how to control the device.
  • The user also learn how to detect and recognize images using OpenCV, which is widely used for visual recognition.
  • In addition, the Jupiter Lab in Windows environment will be used to learn the basics of AI machine learning such as Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Softmax classification, and CNN,,, etc using TensorFlow and Python.
  • User also learn how to improve the recognition rate by applying various algorithms of machine learning to
    MINIST number recognition.
  • From our products to our open-source platforms, we ensure that the benefits of AI are accessible to everyone.
  • Artificial Intelligence-GT19 is the training system that can meet the needs for a myriad of national & regional initives
    underway seeking to establish organizal structures of AI.


  • Overview of Artificial Intelligence (Theory)
  • Artificial Intelligence Classification/Product Configuration & Features(Theory)
  • RaspberryPi development environment (Practice)
  • Voice recognition and Google assistant (Practice)
  • Voice recognition device (Practice)
  • Voice recognition device (Practice)
  • Interlock with voice recognition sensor-1 (Practice)
  • Interlock with voice recognition sensor-2 (Practice)
  • Design of voice recognition system (Theory)
  • Overview of Machine learning (Practice)
  • Machine learning development environment (Theory & Practice)
  • Linear regression (Theory & Practice)
  • Machine Learning Practice (Theory & Practice)
  • Machine learning and characteristics (Theory & Practice)
  • Logistic regression (Theory & Practice)
  • Overview of Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Design of Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Hardware Platform : 1 Set
  • Program CD : 1EA
  • USB Camera : 1EA
  • Speaker & USB Microphone : 1EA
  • Micro USB Cable : 1EA
  • Jumper Cable : 1EA
  • DC 12V/3A Adaptor : 1EA
  • Micro SD Card & Reader : 1EA
  • HDMI Cable : 1EA
  • USB Keyboard & Mouse : Each 1EA
  • 7 Inch LCD : 1EA
  • Textbook : 2 Book



  • RaspberryPi3 Board
  • Base Interface
  • Base Decives
  • External Device


  • Artificial Intelligence Voice Recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence-GT19