Styro-Cut 3D

Common steel-wire is heated up to 850 degrees Celsius and formable to cut any desired profile.

The hot wire by TheCoolTool®. STYRO-CUT 3D is a new kind of hot wire cutting machine, simple but rugged, for the thermal treatment of Styrofoam and similar synthetic materials. With STYRO-CUT 3D (a common steel wire is bent then heated up to 850 degrees Celsius allowing you to make cuts in any profile.


With STYRO-CUT 3D, the use of expensive resistance wires that cannot be shaped, is no longer necessary. The biggest advantages of the steel wire are: it can be formed into any shape to cut any 3D part, is much more economical and is very durable.

STYRO-CUT 3D allows for plain, profile, circle and angle cuts and in addition, with the hand apparatus, the user is able to shape with precision from a full work piece, just like a sculptor.

  • the educational field (geometry)
  • decorators, advertisers
  • window dressing and shop display
  • do-it-yourselfers
  • model makers
  • packaging producers
  • architects, interior design
  • stage designers and make-up artists
  • Work Table : 350 x 300 mm with X and Y-coordinate adjustment tables, metric and inch, made out of impact and heat resistant plastic
  • Bow Frame : clearance 355mm, max. cutting heights 170 mm, swivel range +/- 45°
  • Cutting Wire : Ø 0,3 – 1,2 mm
  • Temperature : < 850° C
  • Electric Unit : 230 V/110 V, 50/60 Hz, 25 VA, 4-stage switch (0 V / 0,6 V / 1,1 V / 2 V), VDE 0720, protective system


Styro-Cut 3D