WCDMA-5000 WCDMA Trainer

  • W-CDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) is an air interface standard found in 3G mobile telecommunications networks. 3G is a generation of standards for mobile phones and mobile telecommunications services. Application services include wide-area wireless voice telephone, mobile Internet access, video calls and mobile TV, all in a mobile
  • WCDMA-5000 gives the understanding for the air interface standard of 3GPP, and the training for the logic design of signal modulation and de-modulation as well as encoding. Also, WCDMA-5000 gives an actual practice for Voice Call Processing, Video Telephony Processing, Hand-off Practice, Power Control Practice etc. Also, it teaches the design method of physical layer software which enables the result of logic design to operate normally.
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  • WCDMA Development Environment
  • Firmware Programming
  • WCDMA Physical Layer
  • UMTS Network
  • MAC (Medium Access Control) Layer
  • RLC (Radio Link Control) Layer
  • RRC (Radio Resource Control) Layer
  • Call Processing Service for Voice
  • Call Processing Service for Video Telephony
  • Hand Over
  • Power Control
  • Download Implementation of 3G-WCDMA
  • Brew Programming
  • Main Hardware Platform : 1EA
  • Manual Book : 1EA
  • USIM CARD : Not Provided
  • JTAG Emulator CodeViser : 1EA
  • S/W CD : 1EA
  • Serial Cable : 1EA
  • USB Cable : 1EA
  • Power Adaptor : 1EA



WCDMA-5000 WCDMA Trainer