• Set the training room as an integrated control center for installation and training.
  • Install the Mesh Node on the roof of a serviced building for WiFi service and training.
  • Install Indoor AP & Outdoor AP along with the Mesh Node on the roof of the building for WiFi service and training.
  • Install NMS program in server to monitor, optimize and control WiFi Network system
  • Install wireless Antennas to test and optimize wireless link performance
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  • Student check and introduction to training course
  • Wireless Mesh and Wi-Fi Theory
  • Use Wireless Mesh Network and Wi-Fi to construct exemplary service network
  • Practice of measuring Mesh Node & AP service and speed by means of smart phone
  • Test simultaneous access of Wi-Fi AP by means of smart phone
  • Wi-Fi mode theory and practice
  • Interference by barriers (theory and practice)
  • Mutual interference of Wi-Fi AP (theory and practice)
  • Use Mesh Node to test wireless backhole
  • Measure Wireless Mesh and Wi-Fi data
  • NMS(theory and settings, reading data, management)
  • Construct Wireless Mesh Node, Wi-Fi AP and NMS service network (theory and practice)
  • Mesh Node (Outdoor, 802.11bg) : 3EA
  • Antenna (23dBi Patch Antenna) : 6EA
  • AP : Indoor AP 7EA & Outdoor AP 1EA
  • NMS (Management Program) : 1EA
  • Switch HUB (PoE Switch, 8 Port) : 3EA
  • Manual (Operation Manual) : 1
  • Train versatile technicians and top engineers who can use knowledge and experience obtained through installation and operation of mobile communication, wireless LAN and high-speed communication networks, network optimization, repair and development practice in their job without re-training.
  • Teach students for installation of WiFi communication networks, network optimization and repair & development required by the industry, R&D centers, developers and small and specialized human resources.
  • Train key task force required in the high-income field.
  • Students who receive systematic training with the system can have job chance.