Fiber Optic Connectorization & Splice Kit

  • These Kits are very necessary for termination and splicing the optical fiber. With metal cables you simply twist both the cables together and join them electrically.
  • In Optical Fiber you are required to match exactly the glass surfaces of both the fibers to make an optically perfect joint.
  • Any mismatch or gap between the surfaces will increase, the optical losses during transmission.
  • These Kits contains all necessary tools, consumables, connectors and cable to demonstrate and practice the process.
  • The focus is on the specialization and quality rather than just collecting material and supplying it.
  • A neatly written step by step procedure with pictures is provided in the Instruction booklets.
  • These kits form an important part of the Fiber Optic Laboratory.
  • One can understand clearly how optical fibers are joined and terminated.
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  • Overview
  • Optical Fiber Cable
  • Splicing
  • Optical Connector
  • Connection Loss
  • Optical Fiber Coupler
  • Optical Fiber Switch
  • Fiber stripper : 1EA
  • Semi-automatic fiber cutter : 1EA
  • Wire stripper : 1EA
  • Scissor : 1EA
  • SC/PC Connectors for field connection (for FTTH) : 1EA (Another types can be provided)
  • Alcohol injector : 1EA
  • Fiber Power-meter : 1EA
  • A Failure detector : 1EA
  • IPA Alcohol : 1 Bottle
  • Gauze : 1 Pack
  • Steel ruler : 1EA
  • Aluminium carrying bag : 1 Bag



Fiber Optic Connectorization & Splice Kit