Firmware Development Trainer (Model:WOW-1017)

  • MUC (ATmega2560 & ATmega128) can be selected and providing variable controller contents.
  • MCU and application modules are connected for variable contents.
  • Providing inputs (Switch, Sensor), display (LED,FND,CLCD) device and an actuator (Step Motor, Buzzer)
  • Possible expansion design using a bread board.
  • Using Android App of Play store registered.
  • Possible remote monitoring and control using Bluetooth.


  • AVR & Arduino
  • Firmware development
  • Firmware development for a step motor control which interworks with keypad
  • Firmware development for CDS sensor monitoring
  • Firmware development for temperature/humidity sensor monitoring
  • Firmware development using Bluetooth


  • MCU (Selection) : ATmega2560/ATmega128
  • Display : LED/FND (Array)/Dot Matrix
  • Input : Keypad/Dip SW
  • Sensor : CDS/Temperature/Humidity/Ultrasonic/VR/PIR/Axis/NFC
  • Motor : Step Motor/Servo Motor
  • Communication : USB/Bluetooth
  • Development Tool : Atmel Studio (AVR Program), Arduino IDE (Arduino Program) & Android App


WOW-1017 Firmware Development Trainer