Unimart 6 in 1

The most complete, versatile introduction into the UNIMAT world: from the jigsaw to the drill press and milling machine up to the metal lathe – all parts are included in this set.

For the model-making newcomer who wishes to turn and mill as well as for technical workshops in lower secondary level, the UNIMAT 1 CLASSIC is ideal.

The included UNIMAT 1 manual, the DVD and the construction plan book provide all the necessary instructions and suggestions. The CLASSIC contains all the components of the BASIC and much, much more.


  • Motor : 12 V DC
  • Headstock M12x1, 8 mm hole through spindle
  • Reduction : 6:1 (3.333 U/min / rpm)
  • Slides : 2 cross slides (30 mm), 1  longitudinal slide (40 mm travel), screw pitch (1 mm)
  • Tailstock : M12x1, 15 mm sleeve travel
  • Adaptor : 110-240 V/50-60 Hz, 12 V DC, 2 A
Drill press
Precise drilling at any angle. The machining centre offers traverse paths on the X-, Y- and Z-axis. Three controlled slides (turnable) for three dimensional working. A technician‘s delight.

Vertical Milling Machine

  • Equipped with the included HSS end mill, the drill press turns into the vertical milling machine. Any standard tool up to 6mm can be used can be fixed.

Horizontal mill
For architecture models, key and slot joints etc. Collets from 1 to 6 mm clamping range promote a true run for the milling. The tilting slides allow milling at different angles.
Turn soft metal just like a toolmaker. Longitudinal and cross slide with scaled hand-wheels allow precise working. Designed like a professional lathe, UNIMAT1 offers the possibility of manufacturing axles, rims, cannons, and other model-making objects of non-ferrous metals all by yourself. Distance between centers 135 mm (optionally expandable). Center height 25 mm.


Unimart 6 in 1